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「Beans Dot」是一家小众的本地品牌饮料店。它家售卖的饮料非常多样化,如有奶茶、酸奶等。要是来到这家店,推荐你试试这里的以日本玄米茶制作的“白奶茶”,口感香甜细腻,让人非常难忘。除此之外,这里的酸奶也是非常值得一试的,尤其是草莓酸奶。以纽西兰进口牛奶发酵而成的酸奶,再加入新鲜的草莓,嫩粉粉的颜色让人少女心大开啊!拿起手机,打个卡咯!



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  • Nor Harrin (Kitty)
    Nor Harrin (Kitty)
    10 months ago

    The drinks here taste a little bit more on the milky side. Nevertheless, it still taste good. The pearl here are small in size but it still taste good. All main method of payment are accepted here. Recommend the winter milk tea.

  • Raiki Kazuma (Lee)
    Raiki Kazuma (Lee)
    2 years ago

    😍First try: grey honey lemon. Taste is just nice for me. The people are great too. :) hope it will still be around the next time I'm here. They have cute cats outside too. So sweet of them.

  • Jack Tan
    Jack Tan
    2 years ago

    Drinks was pretty decent, but they served me pearls that was really undercooked, it was rock hard and not chewable. I had my drink for take away, and i only drank it after quite some time later while waiting for my dinner to go from a nearby roadaide hawker stall. Fortunately I was still nearby, so I walked back to have my drink swapped. Overall, serving undercooked/raw pearls is a huge no-no. The store has a pretty good modern vibes with hip furnishing and they have some cute kittens roaming around the shop. Don't think I will be back as the area was surrounded by bubble tea stalls (more then 10 within few steps of each other). Plenty of other options around.

  • ɴᴜɢɢᴇᴛ (Elaine)

    I order cheese tea but they delivered jasmine milk tea for me and poor packaging(drinks spoiled half of that)

  • Laurrra
    a year ago

    sucks drinks and ugly model

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