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家庭聚会不知道该去哪里,担心餐厅空间不足?别担心,不妨到这家「Belly Talk」家庭式餐厅来!这里拥有宽敞舒适的双层上下铺空间,不仅适合家庭或是公司聚会,还可以举办多达120人的派对和活动。此外,这里的美食选择数量也非常可观,无论是本地美食如椰浆饭、日式美食如寿司、还是西式美食如意大利面等统统都有!下次聚会就到这来吧,再也不必为场地空间担心了。



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17 reviews
  • Olivia Tan
    Olivia Tan
    a year ago

    I loved the service and the staff was really nice. We were there early and it was nice walking into such a spacious eatery and enjoying the quietness. The food was okay and I wasn't very excited about it. But if I wanted to find a quiet place to sip my drink and read or write, this would be perfect.

  • Suresh Narayanasamy

    Nice view, but public people dont now how to behaved, like the road consider racing area doing like kampong people.

  • Yenmeai Chang
    Yenmeai Chang
    a year ago

    Food is not bad. Like the location. Spacious, clean, high ceiling, and welcoming staff. Would love to see more local varieties.

  • Jack
    a year ago

    Nice and cooling place to dine. Fast and good service. Prices are reasonable. Outlet accept e-payment.

  • Snow Girl
    Snow Girl
    a year ago

    Delicious food and nice coffee. Have friendly staffs. If you are around and need a place to chill, this place would be great.

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