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零嘴美食, 餐饮 RM0.00 - RM10.00

chi bao zi 吃包子

Taman Bukit Indah, Johor

想吃包点吗?那就推荐你到这家位于Bukit Indah 的「chi bao zi」来!这家店的店家多年来采用纯手工制作与天然发酵,每天仅生产500粒。它家的包子体积较小,口感更紧实耐嚼,加上店家调制好的口味,即馨香扑鼻又爽口,让人控制不住自己想一直吃下去的冲动。喜好甜食的朋友可以试试这里的粟米奶皇包,颗颗的玉米粒搭配起蓬松白嫩嫩的包子,幸福就是这么简单。



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19 reviews
  • Sing Min
    Sing Min
    in the last week

    Tried their 四大天王. The highlights would be the deep fried yam with charsiew fillings and truffle charsiew pao. The deep fried yam was so crispy and the charsiew tasted good. The truffle charsiew pao is something I've never tried before and it's a surprisingly good combination! Soy milk was kinda sweet though.

  • Sebastian Sim
    Sebastian Sim
    a year ago

    Their chicken glutinous rice is nice. Chicken is flavourful & glutinous rice texture is just nice. Taro dumpling is good too. Char Siew bun is the highlight. Dough of the bun is soft and delicious. Chicken with wine bun is worth a go as a new flavour. Simple decoration but selling decent buns shop. Not many choices of Dim Sum available, but a few decent things around to eat.

  • KL Gan
    KL Gan
    6 months ago

    8 char siew pau at rm14. Taste really good altough the size is a little small.

  • Michael YAP
    Michael YAP
    11 months ago

    Salute to the Lim 師傅to be so daring open up this restaurant at this covid19 pandemic time. The char siew paos has his unique taste n flavour - really stand out char siew taste. The meat paos has the flavour of wine n tasty meat.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Please give support to Mr Lim as his paos is as good as those 5 stars hotel dium sum...or even better. He make the limited number of paos per go early if not u can not buy them.

  • Eric艾立克
    6 months ago

    A bit pricy and food is not so impressive ......

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