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日式料理, 餐饮 RM0.00 - RM10.00

Empire Sushi City Square Outlet

Bandar Johor Bahru, Johor

寿司又贵又吃不饱?别担心,隐藏于City Square购物广场的这家「Empire Sushi」推荐给你!平价又好吃,保证让你吃好又吃饱!这里提供的是Take and Go外带形式,食物选择非常多,除了有各种各样的寿司,还有美味小巧的手卷、饭团以及日式小点心等。它家的价格是真的亲民,食品售价只介于RM1至RM4.20之间,让你想拿什么就拿什么,完全不必考虑!



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17 reviews
  • Nisha Umairah
    Nisha Umairah
    8 months ago

    Customer service very bad. I dont know what i do, but the workers are being rude to mee. Pls lah im so softt

  • Asha Azizan
    Asha Azizan
    8 months ago

    Bad service.. The staff very rude and arrogant. How come boss can hired staff with long face haa? Wont buy sushi there anymore.

  • Azni Alifah
    Azni Alifah
    a year ago

    The food is good but not the service. The cashier are so arrogant and not promo their promotion to customer.

  • Wilfred Loy Yong Kang

    Affordable place to get some sushi! The sushi are really cheap and fresh for its price! They also have some unique creations for their sushi which is interesting to see!

  • Haman Othman
    Haman Othman
    a year ago

    It sells delicious sushi with a verry resonable price ranging from RM1.00 to RM2.09 per piece. This is just a medium size kiosk with a verry limited amount of seating. The food is pack for take away.

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