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咖啡茶馆, 西式料理, 餐饮 RM0.00 - RM10.00

Fascination & Kitchen

Bandar Baru Seri Alam, Johor

喜爱花卉绿植的你,一定要来到推开这家「Fascination & Kitchen」的大门!这里就像一个都市里隐藏起来的秘密花园,店内被大量的花卉与绿植所布置,给人一种一看烦恼就烟消云散的感受。食物方面,店家是以西式餐点为主打的,这里所有的食物包括小吃都有花卉的元素,让人感叹店家的创意。招牌料理有Ocean Aglio olio、Chicken Confit等,味道都一级棒。



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88 reviews
  • Benjamin Yang
    Benjamin Yang
    a year ago

    This is a lovely pleasant place as you arrive with all the greenery greeting you first thing. Service is adequate and pleasant. Toilets are beautifully clean. Payment options are numerous. And for that 3*. That said the highlight of the restaurant should have been the food and this time round the meal was a tad disappointing. Perhaps I should have opted for meatier options that could have been way better. Both of us ended up with 2 fish dishes which were dry and lacking in taste. Some say you can judge how good a restaurant is by how they handle fish. Perhaps that's a tad unfair since the Japanese will win this over and over. But still, I would have thought it would have at least been better than the pedestrian Fish & Co and the likes. Which was not, unfortunately.

  • jennifer lee (jenleeph74)

    Haiyaa...the food soooo salty..why..the cook didn't taste the sauce? My hubby's chicken had a smell..anyway..maybe we r the unlucky ones that day. Ambience is pleasant tho

  • Motor Guy
    Motor Guy
    a year ago

    Delicious food, please come and have a try. Will be better if add more menu choices.

  • Ahku tan
    Ahku tan
    9 months ago

    Nice Western Food with reasonable price & atmosphere

  • Asok Max
    Asok Max
    a year ago

    Good vibe, abit pricey, and staffs can be a little more friendly.

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