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咖啡茶馆, 西式料理, 餐饮 RM0.00 - RM35.00

Grumpy Goat & Friends

Masai, Johor

不喜欢在吵闹的环境下用餐,那这家坐落在Seri Alam的「Grumpy Goat & Friends」推荐给你啦!这是一家带有一点点工业风风味的餐厅,餐厅环境都是由原木打造的,让人一种静谧沉稳的气息。这里的菜单不仅多元化,还融合了本地与多国的风味。无论是酸辣的泰式东炎汤、日式的烤三文鱼、还是大马美食沙爹鸡肉等都可以在这里找到!



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  • E C
    E C
    3 weeks ago

    It was an extremely bad experience. I went to this restaurant today with a friend. We ordered mutton soup, pumpkin soup, fish and chips. When the waiter serves the mutton soup, it tastes overly salty. I’ve informed the waiter to send it back to the kitchen. Without saying a word, he just sends it back and replaced another soup. Next, he just served the new soup without mentioning anything. The soup still tastes like saltwater. Nothing is being done. Next, when he serves the fish and chips. I asked for ketchup and extra tartar sauce. He did serve it but in a poorly manner. When we asked for a bill, the other waitress also ignored us. She only directed us to go to the cashier counter after a second attempt to get the bill. We felt terrible throughout the dining experience. Mind you, we paid for our food. It’s not a free treat. Don’t we deserve some courtesy from you??? Seriously, this is my worst dining experience in Malaysia.

  • Tiong Chiong Junn
    Tiong Chiong Junn
    10 months ago

    Got very grumpy after waiting for 50min for food. They had water supply issue and didnt inform us that it would delay the food preparation. After flagging two waiters in between waiting to ask about the delay, we were ignored. They only explained the situation after serving our food. Food and coffee was not bad.

    a month ago

    Delicious food. I had nyonya pasta and green pasta. Please try mint mojito

  • Shahrul Wahid
    Shahrul Wahid
    10 months ago

    Will not return to this place for sure: Flat white was serve in room temperature regardless the good art. Not even closed to 60. Took forever to arrive even we are ready to pay the bill. All our drinks took forever to prepare. Egg bernedict served with hard boild eggs instead of poached, and the manager insisted that it is how it's suppose to be; even offered replacement to my collegue (we cant wait longer). Get your recipe right. Lamb pasta was underseason. It taste bland even for me who eat less salt. How confident they are? They don't even have salt and pepper shakers. Lastly, the veges for my chicken was overcooked. No value for money spend regardless the warm ambience. Lot of room to improve.

  • hazwani sudar
    hazwani sudar
    3 months ago

    The choice of food was a lot, the place is big and well decorated. So many areas for those who love to take OOTDs. The staff who took our order was very friendly. You need to splurge a bit as the price for food is a bit pricey.

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