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餐饮, 饮料冰品 RM0.00 - RM20.00

IMilky 沐白小农沐场 – Mount Austin Outlet

Taman Mount Austin, Johor

100%纯天然原味的奶茶就在这家来自台湾的「IMilky 沐白小农沐场」里售卖!以牧场为主题的室内设计的它,在一排排现代风十足的商店里脱颖而出,十分吸睛。这家的饮品最大的特色就是店家坚持追求着100%的天然原味。所有饮品里不含奶精与人工香料,包括其中的牛奶、茶叶、以及黑糖都是优质进口,纯天然的代表。推荐这里的珍珠红茶拿铁、翡翠柠檬、抹茶鲜奶等。



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  • JinJin Kiraie
    JinJin Kiraie
    a year ago

    Nice environment. There have a delicious sandwich store "eggod sandwich"~ together with IMilky drink makes both of them good. Their sandwich served in hot~ You need some trick to eat the sandwich. (if doesn't, you left with bread at the end of the sandwich :3). Their drink is okay, many choice to pick from. (however, depends on their availability, as some drink they doesn't have enough the ingredients)

  • Jerry Divyaa
    Jerry Divyaa
    a year ago

    I actually went to the cute little shop called Eggod sandwich.. It tastes really delicious and it's located right in front of I'Milky bubble tea shop.

  • 小虫WeiXiang
    a year ago

    Taste of brown sugar boba milk tea is so so. Boba is too sweet. Milk is kind of tasteless. But overall packaging especially the way they secure the top is better than other brands.

  • DORCAS Yim
    DORCAS Yim
    12 months ago

    Good environment to chat and relax. Got sofa and pillows etc.

  • Anson Ng
    Anson Ng
    a year ago

    Cozy and nice place. Their drinks are taste real good. It's not like the usual tea where it's way too sweet without having the fragrance taste coming from tea. Good hygiene and polite staff. Not hard to find a parking here because it's same building with Jaya grocery. So just park your car there and come and grab a drink!

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